Company Profile

This profile is provided to give our clients details of our background and experience within the Australian Investment and Fixed Interest markets. We believe our skills will be suitable to meet your investment needs.

Secure Investments Fixed Interest Brokers Pty. Ltd. was founded by Stiven Laszlo and Tony Scott in 1995 as a boutique Investment & Fixed Interest Broking firm. Our broad market experience and professional market contacts enable us to service professional investors whose needs range from $250,000 + parcels, for terms ranging from 30 days to 25 years. Current funds placed are over $3.0 Billion Dollars.

Secure Investments F.I.B. have fixed interest dealers with a combined 100 years+ direct professional market experience between them. They are --:

STIVEN LASZLO ( Director ) - Stiven spent 5 years as a Fixed Interest Broker at Peter Wallman & Co, before helping establish Challenge Banks Melbourne treasury operation, where he spent the next 5 years as Chief Fixed Interest Dealer.

TONY SCOTT ( Director )  - Tony was a Fixed Interest Manager at Bain & Company in Melbourne for 5 years and helped establish their New Zealand operation, and was Fixed Interest Manager at Bankers Trust for over 3 years.

TRENT LIMMER ( Representative ) - Trent spent 2 years at Bank of America in London before returning to Australian treasury markets spending 2 years at Colonial State Bank as Victorian Liabilities Manager.

PETER MADDISON ( Representative ) - After 20 years of service, Peter has retired. We wish him all the best as he sits back and smells the roses.

GREG GORHAM ( Representative )  - Greg has been involved in the markets for over 25 years. Greg spent 10 years in the U.S., 10 years at Bankers Trust, 2 years at N.A.B. Financial Management and 4 years at Natwest Markets.

It is our aim to provide up to date factual interest rate information and services, within the fixed interest and term deposit markets. Our client list is Australia wide and includes Hospitals, Charitable Trusts, Religious, Educational and Research bodies, Aged Care Providers as well as Professional Fund Managers, Financial Planners and Accountants. Our depth of knowledge of Australia's capital markets enables us to offer investors direct investments in Government Bonds and Bank deposits at the highest yields available.

Secure Investments F.I.B. provides clients with complete settlement instructions, as well as portfolio valuations, and has contracted the services of Sandhurst Trustees Ltd, to facilitate Austraclear settlements of up to $100 million. We feel that our one-stop service offers a friendly alternative in today's complex investment market, where investors are looking for secure DIRECT investments.


Should you have any queries please call us on (03) 9606 0123 or 0438 045123 or 0411 145123, or email  January 2020