A prospectus is provided by the borrowing institution to give a potential investor essential information about the issues offered. Prospectuses have to be lodged with and approved by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission before they can be released.

In order to invest in new issues it is essential that you read a prospectus and complete the form attached inside it.

Obtaining a Prospectus
Previously the only ways of obtaining a prospectus was to pick one up or have one posted out to you. However, now you can download a prospectus from this web site.

How to Download the Prospectus
The prospectus is a .pdf file, which means that the document you read looks just like the printed version. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file. If you do not already have it you can download a copy here.

For your FREE version of Adobe Acrobat Reader go to

Download the latest Prospectuses now:


-- AMP Personal         AMP Business          AMP Govt & Other          AMP Super Funds
-- NAB Application Form
-- ANZ Application Form 

-- Bank of Queensland Application Form                            Bank of Queensland PDS

-- Rabodiret Personal,Business, Trust & Super Funds

-- Rural Bank Treasury App Indiv & Co's    Rural Bank Treasury App Co-op's & Ass'n                                             -- Rural Bank Retail  App Individuals               Rural bank Retail App Co's 
-- Suncorp T.D App Personal     Suncorp T.D App Companies

-- SUNCORP Terms and Cond TD's

-- What to do After Downloading the File
After reading the Prospectus or Product Disclosure Statement, print out the pages that you are required to complete. Fill out and sign them and email back to us and credit funds to the Financial Institution. Or mail completed application to Secure Investments F.I.B. Pty. Ltd, and we shall forward them.